Chacott Power Fit Eyeliner 2 Types

Brand from Japan: Chacott. A brush pen type eyeliner with a waterproof formula that has no color unevenness or faintness is resistant to water, sweat, sebum. The 0.1 mm ultra fine hair fits the delicate of skin firmly, is a beautiful continues thin lines to thick lines. You can draw as you like. With sustainable efforts organic certified moisturizing ingredients, take care of your eyes while making up.


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Kracie Prostyle Fuwarie Hair Styling Mist 2 Types

Brand from Japan: Kracie. Prostyle Fuwarie Hair Styling Mist Curl: Protect your hair the high fever of iron, keep it soft curl for 1 day. Care gloss that is lost in heat with penetration type repair ingredient argan oil while blocking damage of 180 degrees or more inside surface W. Arrange keeping combination shapes to friend. Soft set prescription. How to use: Divide into small amounts of tresses, spray to extent becomes moist let blend well. bundle


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Dejavu Lasting Fine Pencil 2 Types

Brand from Japan: dejavu. The natural clear line fits snugly. Smooth easy to draw. Firmly coat the drawn by adhesive component. Therefore, it is resistant to sebum, sweat, tears, rubbing. Waterproof type that does not bleed or become thin. How to use: Please core with 1 mm out. You can carry it back even if you put it too much. Since it is a very soft core, it may break if it is pulled Gently skin around your eyes to side to make it easier to


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Under Armour Impasse Flow 1 2 Zip Women's Top White womens Medium

Under Armour Impasse Flow 1 2 Zip Women's Top The 1 2 is the ideal long sleeve top for use as a second layer over a T Shirt on chilly spring mornings or breezy autumn days. This protects you from wind without adding any extra weight to your run. stretchy material is very lightweight and moves to give full freedom of movement. elastic cuffs help to keep half zip on front allows to control ventilation levels to suit you.


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IPSA Pore Skincare Step Set 2 pcs

Brand from Japan: IPSA. A set of 2 steps pore care including a balm that removes repeatable blackhead, a lotion leads to skin with inconspicuous pores. How to use: At the first 2 weeks, once or twice a week, everyday. After 2 both together or a week. Step 1 Balm 20g x 1: Apply on dry after washing your face. Take an appropriate amount (a size of a pearl when applying on nose) on spatula it fingertips on problem areas of T zone. assage whirling for


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The Body Shop Mango Bath Blend Hydrating Foam 250ml

Brand from United Kingdom: The Body Shop. A bath blend (bath charge) with a velvet like texture that gently lathers. It can also be used as a shower cream*1 by lathering well a sponge or lily. Contains mango seed oil*2 recommended for dry skin, passion fruit extract*3, carrot root extract. Enjoy tropical scent of fills your bathroom. 1 Please note separately sold pump cannot be when using as a cream. 2 Mango 3 Passiflora How to use: When as a salt:


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FreshO2 Le Double The Fun Lip Gloss 1.5g x 2 4 Types

Brand from Taiwan: FreshO2. Double headed lip glaze design, which can be used for single rubbing or overlapping rubbing, one side is light the other is thick. The texture of is thin, with a base to show a natural look. of is moist saturated, both coating create plump lips. Slightly dyed formula, high extensibility, smoothness, color rendering long lasting, will not fade, tight mottled. Add sunflower seed oil, coconut avocado vegetable extracts. It


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4U2 Eyeshadow Palette 01 Gone With The Wind 1 pc

Brand from Thailand: 4U2. Create bright eyes with a single coat. It has a long lasting color lasts firmly. Elegant, feminine, sometimes adult make up, abundant textures variations matte to lame, the finish is as you wish. How to use: Take an appropriate amount on your brush, tip, or fingertip apply it to eyelids.


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SVS soundpath ultra speaker banane fourche 1,2m

SVS SoundPath Ultra Speaker Cable Hand soldered with custom terminations by our craftsmen in Ohio choice of 24K gold plated brass spades, copper banana plugs, or a combination of both. Performance You'd Expect From the World's Finest Cables, At a Fraction of Price Expertly hand by in terminations, cables pass full power of any AV receiver or amplifier high fidelity no signal degradation. use same fabrication techniques materials as finest in world,


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Dove Japan Beauty Cream White Bar Soap 95g x 2 pcs 2

Brand from Japan: Dove Japan. Washes while protecting the moisture of skin, leaving it soft smooth. A solid cleanser containing 1 4 of moisturizing ingredient cream in product. Contains friendly cleansing ingredients. How to use: Put it into water it immediately. Or directly on wet skin. Drain thoroughly after use.


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